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Becoming a Meiya Supplier

Becoming a Meiya Supplier

Meiya understands that at the center of our business is our relationship with our customer. Important also are our relationships with our suppliers. A good network of suppliers will allow Meiya to achieve global excellence and therefore, we are always on the quest for great value chain members to join our supplier team. We search for the best and brightest and we look for companies that provide efficient innovation and excellent products and services.

Registration for Suppliers

We seek international and domestic suppliers in all forms that are able to provide the products and services we source and follow a high ethical and moral code of standards. In order to apply, lease complete the online application provided by our third party partner. If you are accepted to continue the application process, you may be contacted by a Meiya representative. Additionally, if you are not initially contacted, it does not mean that your application has been refused, it may just mean that we do not currently need your product or service. Should that change in the future, a Meiya representative may contact you at that time.

When you are ready to register, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER