What Meiya Buys from Suppliers

What Meiya Buys from Suppliers

As a developing aerospace company with locations in the Americas, Asia, and Pacific regions, Meiya purchases many products and services from vendors. The general categories in which we buy products and services are listed below. If you are a supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer, labor or service provider, or value added integrator that provides products or services in the following categories, we would be interested in hearing from you.

  • Aviation Training
  • Flight training services, products,
  • materials, equipment, and instruction, flight instruction, flight instructors, training
  • Aircraft

  • Avionics and Related Components
  • cockpit avionic systems, glass systems, steam gauge systems, communications systems, flight management systems, wiring, harnesses,
  • avionics related labor services, other related
  • components

  • Propulsion, Engines, Powerplants, and Related Components
  • Piston engines, turbine engines, APU, engine parts and components, fuel systems, engine
  • related labor

  • General Parts
  • Metal parts, fairings, sheet metal, tubing, cloth, textiles, leather, fluids, internal working parts,
  • general miscellaneous parts, fabricated parts, composites, other items that fall into the general category

  • General Parts
  • Commercial aircraft wide body,
  • Commercial aircraft narrow body,
  • commercial aircraft regional, general
  • aviation aircraft single engine, multi-engine, light jet,turbo-prop, helicopter piston,
  • helicopter turbine, new aircraft and second hand aircraft

  • Electrical
  • Batteries, motors, electrical wiring assemblies, harnesses, plastics, circuit boards, lighting, airport lighting, anything that requires electricity to
  • operate, other items falling in the electrical category

  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Components to support airport construction, security hardware, lighting, runway and taxiway infrastructure, ATC equipment, all related
  • airport infrastructure parts and services

  • Fuel and Liquids
  • Fuel and Liquids

  • Airframe Structures
  • Body panels, sheet metal, composites, paint, finishing material, rivets and associated
  • hardware, rubbers, plastics, adhesives, components, composites

  • Simulation Systems
  • Display technology, motion platforms, software, simulation technology, instrumentation,
  • simulation infrastructure

  • Outsourced Services
  • Third party manufacturing, production houses, quality control inspectors, MRO, technical,
  • hardware, rubbers, plastics, adhesives, components, composites
  • development

  • Travel and Tourism Services
  • Hotels, airlines, ground handling, transport, tourism support, travel agency, cruise, meeting
  • locations

  • Tooling
  • Aircraft general tooling, general tooling, hand tools, power tools, air tools, production robotics, milling, metal fabrication, composite
  • tooling, test equipment, stands, cranes, ladders, material handling, lifts, electronic testing, electrical tools

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