Meiya as an employer and the culture of the company

Meiya as an employer

Meiya is a company of innovation and passion. We constantly strive to do our share to build a better world through aviation. We are creators of aerospace dreams and enablers of technology solutions to problems in all industries. From building airplanes to developing airports; repairing Boeings to overhauling avionics; from logistics support to IT and software solutions, we have an exciting opportunity waiting for the right eager mind to step in. Join us for the long-haul, check out our available jobs and if you think you have what it takes to be a Meiya team member, apply!

Working culture of meiya

We are an inspired company pushed forward by the greatness of the American dream, the passion of aerospace and the curiosity to explore and innovate. We work well within our teams and develop incredible solutions to meet the needs of the industry and our clients. Our people are hard working, ethical, honest, and intelligent. We strictly adhere to our corporate and personal values and we strive to lead in areas where we can and develop plans to do so in areas where we should. Learn more about our corporate values and our culture.

  • Creating innovative solutions to the world's challenges
  • Offering a platform where people from all over the world can build greatness together
  • To develop and promote tomorrow's leadership
  • To take care of people, animals, and the world, while doing our part to help take care of those in need
  • Safely parenting the fragile planet we live on and working together to minimize our impact on our little corner of the universe
  • To provide a beautiful and rewarding working environment for our people and a solid return to those that trust us

Meiya as a micro-multinational aerospace enterprise offers exciting working locations around the world. The sun is always shining somewhere in the Meiya Group's geography. We are honored to do business in some of the most amazing countries in the world delivering the joys of aviation and infrastructure to markets grateful to receive. We have opportunities in continents all around the world. Browse our jobs by location to see where you can live and work as a member of the Meiya family.