Meiya Group Student Internship Opportunities and Information

Working at Meiya or any of our subsidies is a really fun and amazing way to gain some incredible real world experience while rolling up your sleeves and getting into the grind of aviation or aerospace engineering somewhere cool in the world. Depending on your level of education in school, we may have an internship or apprenticeship position somewhere you may just love to spend your summer break working at. Browse our open internship positions for more information and also visit our upcoming career days and see if we will visit your school or university. You can schedule time to meet with us if we are, or you can always schedule a one on one discussion with our Student Ombudsman who will be related to discus the cool options we have available for students at Meiya. An email or a phone call are the only thing between you and us…


(B) When you choose to spend your precious summer break with us here at Meiya or any of our subdivisions, we promise you a really fun and incredibly educational internship. We offer some internships with pay, we offer research assistant positions in aeronautical engineering or powerplants, we offer career placement after you graduate if you are alumni of one of our internship programs, we also offer semester-long very part time internships that will allow you to match projects with topics you are learning in your classes. We can work directly with your professors or deans to cater an internship program to meet the needs of your major and/or your capstone.

Meiya also offers some great benefits while you are on your internship. We will cover things like your cell phone bill, a portion of your housing should you have to relocate and depending on the school and major you come to us from, access to a very caring ombudsman, hefty discounts on flight training, aircraft rental, or repairs of your personal aircraft if you have one, and many more amazing benefits. We would love to have you spend some time with us here at Meiya. Go ahead… find the right internship.

By the way, we offer a scholarship to our top intern every year. This scholarship is awarded at the end of the internship and will be paid directly to your university to help offset some of your costs. This scholarship will last two semesters after you complete your Meiya internship. Its just another way of us showing you our thanks for spending your summer with us!

(C) Landing an internship spot at Meiya is actually quite difficult. We screen hundreds of applicants per year for only one or two handfuls of opportunities in one or more of our offices around the world. We are only looking for incredible go-getters. People that are passionate about aviation, aerospace, and their careers. We do not go for the party animal types and we certainly want top performers in our facilities so yes, we will ask for your transcripts when you apply. Be ready for that. We want to know why you want an internship with us and what you will do with the education after you compete your term. You must be a meticulous thinker, have a global mind, speak at least two languages, understand global history and cultures, political systems, and international marketing. Aviators are a plus as are mechanics and aero/civil/industrial… any kind of engineers, we love great brains so, if your brain is any other color besides pink, go ahead and apply for one of our positions. We would love to hear from you.

Internship for students

Want to spend an amazing,strategy packed, highly energized summer being challenged in some intense aerospace activities? Do you want an opportunity to win a scholarship after your internship? Are you an aerospace nerd? Love anything related to flying? If so, go ahead and click the button below.