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Core Values for Meiya Suppliers

Core Values for Meiya Suppliers

We have high expectations of our suppliers. We believe that adhering to a strong set of ethical and moral standards will allow a firm and its people to achieve world-changing results that satisfy client demands, give employees a great life, and make the world a much better place to share.

We are looking for suppliers that follow our fundamental code of conduct and performance. We expect the following from our suppliers:

  • Our suppliers shall take great care of their employees and staff. They shall not employ children and they shall give their
    employees a great place to work with a safe working environment.
  • All suppliers will screen their employees during hiring to ensure no prior criminal records are employed in their workforce. The sensitivity of our industry requires a clean background for every employee.
  • Meiya's suppliers will maintain a strong ethical credit management system. Suppliers will not have poor credit scores and will be current and up to date on their tax payments due in their home country.
  • Suppliers will promote research and development and will promote education within the workforce.
  • Suppliers will have some form of philanthropy program in place and/or will reward employees for doing community service or helping the needy or supporting a cause.
  • Suppliers will always stay on top of innovation within the industry and will excel at providing top quality solutions.
  • Our suppliers will adhere to a strict ethical, legal, and moral code of conduct and will have no major complaints against their business practice.

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