Core Values

Core Values

Meiya Group Global (MGG) places incredible importance on our global Core Values, beliefs, and morals. When we created the company’s Core Values we needed to answer some very core questions. This very set of core questions led us to discover the real reason why we developed and created MGG and what we promise to our growing family of employees and customers every day.

Meiya Groups 10 Core Values:

  • Deliver an unexpected consumer experience.
  • Change everything we can about our industry and our world.
  • Have a great time doing what it is we do every day.
  • Grow, help our clients grow, support our employee growth.
  • Family is at home and at work. We are strong support systems for our families.
  • We are determined to do great things. We are passionate about what we do.
  • Truth is at the core of our beliefs. Always be truthful no matter what the result.
  • We communicate effectively to build direct and honest relationships with everyone.
  • We accept people and opportunities that are unfamiliar and outside of our experience.
  • We are humble by nature and are grateful for the opportunities given to us.

The questions we asked while crafting our Core Values were:

  • What does MGG stand for?
  • What do our products and services do to provide positive to the world?
  • What values do our employees and leaders exemplify?

Answering these questions and creating the MGG Core Values summary was critical to our business. By judiciously crafting our values, we assure the future of our company. These commonly-held beliefs and personal and professional commitments become the statements ingrained in the moral fabric that guides each of our employees and leaders as they work hard every day to support our clients and value chain members. It is the very soul of MGG, the very fiber of the company. The belief we follow and the values we live by.

Meiya Group Global Mission Statement: To enable people’s power to fly, travel, and move about the globe, effectively, economically, and safely.

Meiya Group Global’s Higher Purpose Statement: With great bravery, integrity, and passion, we embrace our duty to co-develop anindustry and a world where each one of us, our industry, our communities, and our Earth can thrive. In doing so, we celebrate the absolute love of everything aviation and the joy of flight. Aviation, its everything we know and love.