Cosmos™ Aerospace

Pioneer light sport aircraft manufacturer Cosmos Ultralight produces the world’s safest, most stable ultralight weight shift control aircraft in the history of the sport. Founded in France in the early 1970’s, the company pioneered the use of Rotax engines on light sport aircraft and helped to create and launch the weight shift control aircraft market.


Proudly being the oldest ultralight aircraft brand in the world, Meiya purchased Cosmos in 2015, carrying on the over forty-year history of the Cosmos brand. Cosmos continues to evolve and develop, streamline and adapt light sport aircraft to deliver the next generation of ultralight sport aircraft to the flying public.


The company is in the process of currently retooling advanced carbon fiber composite production and reactivating production of the Cosmos Phase II, Phase III, and Echo aircraft using new production methodologies, new engines, and advanced alloys. We are honored to welcome back the original proven Cosmos airframes while preparing to launch our next generation ultralight vehicles in 2017 and 2018.

Cosmos is very proud to have our Phase II aircraft on display at the Smithsonian Institution's Washington National Air and Space Museum. This is the world's largest aviation and space museum and we are honored to be part of the history of aviation. You can click to see the Phase II on display at the museum.