Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Meiya Group Global (MGG) offers an exciting environment for professionals with experience in the aerospace and aviation industries. Our belief is to focus our hiring efforts on highly trained and skilled individuals with industry experience that are best of class in the work that they do. We focus on hiring the best we can hire and our Employment Management Team will work hard to make sure we bring the best in the industry into the MGG family.

The group operates over a dozen different aerospace focused companies. Each company has unique staffing needs and we are always looking for the next great family member to join the MGG team. If you have an advanced degree, at least five years of working experience in the industry, an airman with at least 2,500 hours of flight experience, a mechanic or technician withat least ten years of experience, an educator with great references, or a retired military service member, we want to hear from you.

Our pay is great, our benefits match the pay, and the excitement at MGG is rich and thorough. Reach out to an MGG recruiter today to privately discuss your options within our firm. We have offices throughout North America, Central America, and Asia to support the continued growth of your career. We hope you will retire with MGG and we are prepared to offer you the excitement you are looking for in what we hope is your last career move. We honorably welcome you to Meiya Group.

Contact a company career specialist by email today: work@meiyagroup.com

Our Offers

Coming to Meiya Group Global (MGG) as an experienced professional opens some very unique doors to a very rewarding career in aerospace and aviation. Senior professionals joining the ranks at MGG will be able to enjoy immediate management or senior level positions within the firm. Great benefits matching your level of professional development are offered as well. Experienced professionals will enjoy the ability to work anywhere MGG has offices and we are hiring expertise in all areas of the MGG footprint.

Whether you are looking to move to another country to help develop the aviation industry, you are interested in creating the next generation of LSA aircraft, or you want to reengineer the MGG logistics infrastructure, we are looking for your expertise today.

MGG also offers great opportunities for retiring seniors with extraordinary capabilities. If you are winding down your career with your current employer and are looking for something to keep your brain occupied while taking on a more relaxed lifestyle, MGG is

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looking for you! We love hiring seniors entering the retirement phase of life and we love to share a workplace with such knowledgeable people. Our nation's seniors are the reason we are where we are. We honor these wonderful contributors to society and our science by consistently providing a workplace for our retiring experts to enjoy and exploit their vast library of knowledge. If you are at this point in your life and are ready to enjoy your retirement while staying engaged in the industry, do not hesistate to contact a Senior Staffing Manager by email: retire@meiyagroup.com


The most important thing for our company is to hire the absolute best people we can hire and set them free to achieve greatness. Meiya's focus on engaging with the absolute best in our industry is exemplified by our complete focus on senior hiring and the engagement of individuals with the best skills and industry intellect. MGG is currently looking for experienced professionals in the following fields:

  • Flight Simulation Technologies
  • Finance and Risk Mitigation
  • International Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Aviation Operations - Pilot
  • Aviation Operations - Aircraft Mechanic
  • Aviation Operations - Avionics Technician
  • Aviation Operations - Chief Flight Instructors
  • Aviation Operations - Flight Instructors (CFII and MEI)
  • Accounting - Financial Accounting
  • Accounting - Managerial and Production Accounting
  • Accounting - Auditor Internal
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Chief Finance Officers with public company experience
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Engineers
  • Aircraft Design Engineers
  • Design - Graphic and Aesthetic Designers
  • Marketing - Global Marketing Director - LSA Aircraft
  • Marketing - Web Programmer Team Lead
  • Aeronautical Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers

For more information on any of these experienced opportunities or for any other questions related to senior experienced career opportunities within MGG please contact our specialist by email: work@meiyagroup.com