Aircraft Remarketing, Brokering, and Sales

Whether you are a leasing company, a corporate flight department, or a private owner looking to buy your first TBM turboprop, Meiya offers a full range of services to support the purchase or resale of any size aircraft.


We have teams that handle commercial airliners with strong focus and capability to support aircraft with a greater than 25,000lbs MTOW, primarily serving US made Boeing aircraft. On the smaller scale, we have a strong corresponding team that handles aircraft under 25,000lbs MTOW. This includes corporate jet aircraft, regional aircraft, single engine piston or turbo-prop, helicopter, and other light weight aircraft.


Meiya has been involved in liquidation of bankrupted airlines, the rapid remarketing requirements of several leasing companies needing to offload sitting aircraft inventory, and the placement of training aircraft into the world’s flight schools. Additionally, for our finance and leasing company customers, Meiya offers a host of support services from appraisal, crew placement for ferry flight, aircraft movement and repossession,

maintenance audits, owner representation, records inspections, end of lease valuation, C and D check management, and full lifecycle management services.

We feel our leasing customers should focus on financing and growing asset base, let Meiya handle the technical aspects of this business. It is what we do and we do it very well.