Meiya Aerospace China

China is a fantastic emerging market full of surprises and eagerly awaiting amazing people ready to live out their dreams of flight. The Chinese are a wonderful group of people that have had dreams of flight for centuries.China was instrumental in the development of modern age aviation through

their advancements in kite technologies several hundred years ago. Today, modern China is experiencing incredible reforms, has the most formidable president and leader of government in the history of this country, and is preparing the country to share to lead global economics and world power. At the request of the honorable President Xi, the nation is tasked with developing general and civil aviation rapidly.


Meiya is in the fourth year of investment in China. We own three domestic aerospace companies that provide full support, services, aircraft, consulting, training, and policy services and products to the Chinese economy. With over 350M Yuan (RMB) capital investment in our three companies in the Chinese market to date, Meiya will continue to help develop the China civil aviation industry and do our part to grow the culture of aviation here in this majestic country.


You can learn more about Meiya’s corporate expansion in China and enjoy the journey through the red dragon with us. We are honored to be here and we are humbled to be given the privilege to grow our enterprise in China.