Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Suppliers

We pride ourselves on hard work, an ethical diverse team, a strong network of highly reliable and top quality suppliers, and complete and utter customer satisfaction. We require suppliers that provide for Meiya to be the best in their class and category and to have unwavering morals, ethics, quality, and reliability. We require on-time delivery, and demand that our suppliers exceed our expectations. Our clients are the most important thing in our business and we make sure they receive the best products or services that money can purchase.

For these reasons, we expect nothing but the best from our suppliers. If you feel your organization can meet and exceed our supplier requirements, you are welcome to apply.

Meiya Group adheres to a complex, ethical sourcing standards guide. We follow the best of breed companies who also require stringent ethical adherence and we will work only with suppliers that are humane, minimize their carbon and pollution footprint, and do good through positive actions that make the world a better place to live. All suppliers must adhere to our ethical sourcing guide. You can download a copy of this guide to evaluate if your company can comply or you can view this guide online interactively. If your firm can meet the requirements of this guide, we invite you to apply to become a supplier to Meiya.