Pilotbuy and E-commerce

E-commerce in aviation is an important, efficient way to support a market’s demand for aerospace products and services, whether consumable or capital. Meiya’s PilotBuy.com will make the purchase of products, services a breeze while creating an aviation marketing platform to organize all supply side stakeholders with buy side shareholders creating an integrated value chain centered around the Meiya e-commerce framework.


PilotBuy.com will host advanced e-commerce framework technologies, active response advanced marketing analytical intelligence triggered digital response systems, and will power the entire Meiya chain of owned enterprises as well as partners and partner OEMs that conduct business through the Meiya enterprise architecture.

When you are ready to shop for hard to find items, general aviation consumables, parts, or entire aircraft, visit our upcoming PilotBuy.com site for great deals and a great breadth of products.