Meiya Retirement Program

Meiya Retirement Program

My 401K

  • Save for retirement. Opt into a funds match program while you share your time with us at Meiya.
  • This is a voluntary investment plan allowing you to build retirement wealth during your employ.
  • Suppliment your income when you meet retirement age
  • Will be initiated in third quarter of 2017.
  • Registration will commence in May 2017.
  • Contact your supervisor after April 2017 to commence the information gathering process.

Meiya recognizes that employees have different financial and life goals. For one employee, Meiya's 401K Plan might help build up a reserve to supplement future retirement income. For another Meiya retiree, saving through the Plan might provide the resources to meet short-term financial goals such as college educations for children or purchasing a house. Generally, the Meiya 401K Plan is designed to supplement your other sources of income in retirement such as your personal savings and investments as well as any income you receive from the Federal Social Security program.

My Other Retirement Plans

Meiya will be considering initiating a pension or other retirement plan for employees with extended service to the company. This will be decided in November 2017 and any programs put in place will commence by the beginning of third quarter 2018. Please monitor this page for further developments on any additional retirement plans that Meiya will make available to its team.

  • These plans will also be provided to all Meiya subsidies and owned companies through central human resources. Should you have any questions regarding these developments or any other retirement planning or preparation questions, please contact retirement planning by email:
  • Emergency financial assistance may be available to retired Meiya employees. Should you have duress, please contact retirement assistance at
  • Our employees are our most valuable asset. They have given Meiya their careers. Meiya is constantly considering better methods to support and keep healthy our retiring workforce.