Working at Meiya


Working at Meiya

Meiya is an exciting, high speed working environment that rewards leaders willing to take the challenge of becoming a better person, a better member of the team, and a better corporate citizen. Working at Meiya requires a special kind of person… Someone that can roll up their sleeves, learn everything they can about the task or project, dive right in, and not stop until the project or task is done.

We are a results and innovation driven group of people that start to innovate and don’t stop until the work is done. We are not interested in hiring people that live a 9 to 5 lifestyle. We want people that will work hard, innovate, and live to advance the dream of flight.

Meiya team members are some of the brightest people in the growing aviation business space. Our firm is small, yet growing, and our people are excited and passionate about being part of this special period in the history of the company.

The working life at Meiya is ultimately set by you. We do not micromanage our teams and we do not monitor time down to the minute. What we care about is our clients, making sure they are taken care of, assuring that we are consistently coming out with the latest and greatest innovation, and that we are helping to shape and move the industry forward all while making Earth more interesting for those enjoying life on this fragile ecosystem.


If you are a Meiya partner, thank you! If you are not, we welcome you to apply to join our diverse group of exemplary go-getters.


As our CEO's favorite coffee company addresses members of its team, we also feel that all of our employees are partners in Meiya. We address all our staff as partners, and all of our staff has an opportunity to own a part of Meiya or the business unit they are working for, making every member of the Meiya family truly a partner!

Corporate Culture


Working together to create, innovate, and develop



To craft solutions to the problems of our clients, communities, country, and the world



Deliver thoughts, ideas, products, solutions, philanthropy, feelings, support, and customer commitments on time, perfectly, and with passion and true emotion


Career Development

Whether you are a Meiya pilot working on a contract flying left seat on a Boeing 757, or a mechanic spinning a wrench on a Mooney, you are one of the most important parts of the Meiya organization. We appreciate you giving your career to Meiya and we are honored that you are part of our family. Your ongoing education and development is one of our highest priorities.

Making sure our partners are consistently training and learning makes for an organization that is always at the cusp of innovation and great service delivery. We support continuing education, college reimbursement, and ongoing training. Your development is very important to us, keeping you on top of "your game" is our commitment to you!

Benefits at a Glance

Meiya believes that being completely loyal to your team, your partners, your family, will have a positive and equal resulting response. Our people love our company and we as a company love our people. We strive to offer great benefits and we promote supporting our "lifers" with great benefits and products that will enable a relaxed and enjoyable retirement. We believe in completely supporting our partners through value life services and share as much as we can with our people. Some benefits available to our partners allow health and fitness, power vacations, and time to enjoy life with their loved ones.

  • Health, vision, dental insurances providing coverage world-wide and through a network of chosen care-givers.
  • Life insurance that provides support for loved ones should something tragic happen unexpectedly.
  • Legal assistance to our partners on things like landlord tenant disputes, setting up wills and trusts, consumer protection, and other lifestyle legal issues that could disrupt the fluidity of a stable environment.
  • Vehicle allowances to partners that require the use of a vehicle.
  • Assistance with debts and credit payments to get life back on track from times that may have been challenging.
  • Tuition support and assistance for continuing education and ongoing degree achievement.
  • Employee stock option program (ESOP) for those partners wishing to own a part of the company.
  • Great vacation and personal time off (PTO) days. Access to national holidays in both the country that you are working in and also the United States holidays. For US citizens, we offer all US holidays plus major holidays in our top markets, or you can lump up foreign holiday allowances to enjoy a period away with your loved ones.
  • 401K and IRA accounts with company match.
  • Pensions and retirement accounts.
  • Covering costs for employees use of their personal aircraft.
  • Discounts on the products and services we sell and offer.
  • Access to flight training at cost and repairs on personal aircraft at cost if you live near a Meiya training center or a Sterling MRO.
  • Ability to move from location to location easily.
  • Support for research and development, innovation, publishing of findings, and obtaining research grants tocreate innovation.
  • Extended maternity and paternity leave for our partners starting new families.
  • Fun trips and excursions for partners to take part in and enjoy with their teams and families.

There are many more great benefits when working at Meiya. Contact your recruiter or your HR manager for more information and details.

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